Calendar Unesco Dolomites

On assignment for the Unesco Dolomites Foundation, the 2014 Official Calendar has been just released.
The Calendar is dedicated to the theme of water as a source of life, and the images chosen for the project represent the whole dolomitic territory, encompassing three different regions of Northern Italy.



The water enhances the aesthetic value of the Dolomites,
trasforming the landscape in its infinte and extraordinary displays.

Water is a vital component of every eco-system, giving life both to individual living organisms and to the communities in which they live and which represent the natural tesserae that make up that mosaic that is the landscape. Indeed the uniqueness of the landscape is now recognised as a fundamental value, to the extent of meriting its listing as part of our world heritage.

The attention is here mainly focused on those emotional aspects, some of them undoubtedly subjective, with which the unique, spectacular Dolomite landscape is richly endowed.

Directed with originality and imagination, the photographer’s lens is capable of capturing myriad images that celebrate the spectacular nature of that magical landscape. From the very same vantage point, the procession of the seasons and the play of light and shade generated by the rotation of the earth and the surrounding topography can be immortalised in unrepeatable pictures of unparalleled, heart-stopping beauty.


The twelve images of the calendar represent the whole Unesco Dolomites territory and they have been created by Alessandro Gruzza, nature photographer who conveys the magnificence of the Dolomitic environment with sensitivity and passion.

He has won awards in national and international nature photography competitions (i.e. Asferico 2007 and 2010, Glanzlichter 2010 and 2013, IPA 2012), and he published his first book “Paths of light – Photographic journey in the Dolomites” in 2012.

See the twelve images of the calendar


Since 26th June 2009, the Dolomites have been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site because of their exceptional beauty and unique landscape, together with their scientific importance from the geological and geomorphological point of view.

The Unesco Dolomiti Dolomiten Dolomites Dolomitis Foundation, established by the five founding Provinces (Belluno, Bolzano/Bozen, Pordenone, Trento and Udine) and the two founding Regions (Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto), ensures that the area be governed and managed through policies for the sustainable development, conservation, communication, and enhancement.

(all text taken from the 2014 Calendar Unesco Dolomites)