Photo book about Trentino water

“Trentino, espressioni d’acqua” (Trentino, water expressions) is a brand new photographic book dedicated to the theme of water within the Trentino environment. The volume has been edited by Mauro Marcantoni and Maria Liana Dinacci, IASA Edizioni.

Introduced by Luca Mercalli, President of the Italian Weather Society, the book encourages to reflect upon the invaluable importance of water, focusing on the appeal of the Trentino landscape and its aesthetic and vital interaction with this element.

The images are divided into five categories – enchantment, metamorphosis, reflections, movements, and emotions. The water is here the main actor in its infinite variety of forms: liquid in lakes, rivers, and waterfalls; solid in startling expressions of ice, snow, and frost; gaseous in clouds, fog, and fine dust painted with rainbows.

I’m happy and proud to contribute with the image in the front cover (the Brenta Dolomites at sunset), and other 40 images inside this beautiful volume!