Photographic exhibition at Trento Film Festival

From 28th April to 22nd May, 2016
Photographic exhibition “The Mountains of the Desert”.
The event is part of the Trento Film Festival 2016.

Opening date: Thursday 28th April 2016, at 18.00
Address: Torre Mirana, Via Belenzani 6, Trento (see map).
Opening time: 10.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 19.00. Open every day.

The high altitude desert plateaus in the northern Chilean Andes enshrine wild ecosystems of rare beauty, with volcanic peaks that rise in the thin air and salty lagoons that host biodiversity in climate conditions of extreme aridity.

From the limitless spaces of the Atacama Desert to the colorful volcanic region of Lauca National Park, the photographs show these unique environments through the eye of a nature photographer, aiming at compositions and moments of light that emphasize the charm and enhance the colors.

The photographic journey begins first through the desert landscapes, then continues to the discovery of the lagoons and ends among the colors of the Cordillera.