Fassa Valley’s mountain huts

During the summer I carried out a photographic assignment about Fassa Valley’s mountain huts, on behalf of Trentino Marketing, the company for the development of Trentino tourism.

I broadly explored the dolomitic areas of Catinaccio, Sassolungo, Sassopiatto and Monzoni, and I spent a lot of time in these mountains, contemplating their charm and hearing their voice..

In these months of high altitude hiking, I saw and experienced many lights and many shadows, often with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, one of the most scenically beautiful valleys of the entire Dolomites with majestic mountains; on the other hand, this potentially beautiful landscape too often scratched by human greed without compromise.

These Dolomites take your breath away as they are spectacular. I was given special moments of light and natural displays that only someone who listens patiently and silently has then the privilege to live them fully. I managed to discover some rare side valleys, still wild, which are reached after hours of walking, and where the effort is always greatly rewarded by an infinite energy. And this is the Nature I love, where man is present with respect and gratitude.

These Dolomites take your breath away as they are tormented and ruined. It is often difficult to take pictures with a wide angle without including pylons, lifts, forests torn by new ski slopes. Mountains to be milked, to be exploited on the altar of “God money”, apparently without limits of common sense and good taste. And not surprisingly, contrary to what I have often seen declaimed, only the Catinaccio is part of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage Site. Not elsewhere, for clear lack of values of landscape protection.

Therefore, my commitment continues louder and louder aimed to convey a sense of respect and protection for our still wonderful natural environment, even more after this trip.