New book ahead

I’ve spent several days in tipography during this hot August and now it’s not long before the publication of my new photo book!

The excitement is great when you see the first sheets coming out at high speed from the rotating machine. It came back to my mind all the way walked to get here, just like in the mountains when hiking a path and then finally reaching the point where the view is superb and the light is magical.

The hundreds of excursions in the Dolomites of the recent years (I even counted them, about 300 chasing the light for this project …), the initial idea that over time has blossomed, grown, and taken shape until becoming clear and crystalline like the pure water of a mountain stream.

A long time dedicated to the texts that accompany the images, to “giving the pen to the heart” and transforming the messages from within into words, until realizing that the countless special moments lived in direct contact with the mountains, and translated into photographs, are the very voice of the Dolomites, that I had the privilege to listen and the will to convey.

That’s right, “The Voice of the Dolomites” is almost becoming a photographic book, more news in the next weeks…