New Book “The Voice of the Dolomites”

“Hiking slowly with an open heart, I learnt to perceive its beauty and to listen to its voice. My camera became my notebook with which I record the special moments and emotions of my privileged ever-changing dialogue with the mountains.”

I am happy to announce, with great pleasure, the release of the new photo book “The Voice of the Dolomites“.

Just as when you reach the top of a mountain and the eyes embrace the horizon, the emotion is great and the whole journey gets a deep meaning.
Three years of work and 300 days on the field up there listening to this voice, and then translating it at best through 88 photographs that celebrate the splendor of special moments.

The book is also my story. The texts that accompany the images, also emotional and autobiographical, tell the beauty of light in a sort of dialogue with the dolomitic environment, stimulated by the direct contact between Man and Nature.
Moreover, the book is embellished by the foreword by Vincenzo Torti (General President of the Italian Alpine Club) and by the presentation of Marcella Morandini (Director UNESCO Dolomites Foundation).

With the aim of conveying “The Voice of the Dolomites”, I have created the Munay publishing house, and the new website describes the features of the photo book, with the possibility to preview some images and to order the book.

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