News 2013

Calendar Unesco Dolomites

[ Posted on 23/12/2013 ]

On assignment for the Unesco Dolomites Foundation, the 2014 Official Calendar has been just released. The Calendar is dedicated to the theme of water as a source of life, and the images chosen for the project represent the whole dolomitic territory, encompassing three different r ...

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Presentation C.A.I. Calendar

[ Posted on 28/11/2013 ]

Monday 16th December 2013, at 6.00 pm, Presentation of the C.A.I. (Club Alpino Italiano – Sezione di Bolzano) Calendar 2014, with photographic exhibition of the images included within. Centro Culturale Trevi, Via Cappuccini, 28 B – Bolzano (see map) The photographic ...

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“Paths of Light” Exhibition

[ Posted on 1/10/2013 ]

From 15th to 31st October, 2013, photographic exhibition “Paths of Light” with images taken from the book. Opening: Friday 18th October, at 2.30 pm Address: Marie Curie Institute – Via San Pietro, 2 – Pergine Valsugana (TN) (see map) Opening time: 8.00-17.00, ...

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Images at the Muse Science Museum

[ Posted on 15/8/2013 ]

The brand new mountain-shaped MuSe Science Museum has been recently opened in Trento. Some informative panels display my images in the permanent collection and contribute to the understanding of the Alpine environment.

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Insight on photographic activity

[ Posted on 5/6/2013 ]

The June issue of the “Trentino Mese” magazine has published an article (in Italian), written by Patrizia Niccolini, featuring my photographic activity and its inner trigger.

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Art Landscape Dolomites

[ Posted on 10/5/2013 ]

From 24th May to 4th June, 2013, photographic exhibition “Art Landscape Dolomites” with the photographer/friend Matteo Zanvettor. The event is organized in the beautiful archeological site of Palazzo Lodron, with the collaboration of Volksbank. Opening: Friday 24th Ma ...

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Awarded image at the Glanzlichter!

[ Posted on 25/4/2013 ]

The spirit of the Atacama desert made its way through the 18.450 images submitted to the International Competition of Nature Photography Glanzlichter 2013. The winning image, “Wind, the artist”, has been highly commended in the category “Imagination Monochrome”. ...

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Photographic exhibition at the Film Festival

[ Posted on 13/4/2013 ]

From 26th April to 8th May, 2013, photographic exhibition “Paths of Light” at the S.A.T. Museum of Trento, with photographs from the new book. The event is part of the Trento Film Festival 2013. Opening: Friday 26th April, at 5.30 pm Address: S.A.T. Museum – vi ...

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Article with interview

[ Posted on 9/4/2013 ]

A long interview (in Italian) has been published on the newspaper ‘Alto Adige”. The article, written by Irene Cocco, enhances the beauty of the Dolomites and the emotions evoked by its lights, conveying a message of respect and protection. The article is also a revi ...

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Book presentation in Bolzano

[ Posted on 29/3/2013 ]

Monday 8th April 2013 at 6.00 pm, Presentation of the book “Paths of Light” (in Italian) Centro Culturale Trevi, Via Cappuccini, 28 B – Bolzano (see map) On schedule: Introduction by the President of CAI, Riccardo Cristofoletti Welcome from the Vice President ...

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“Paths of Light” review

[ Posted on 24/3/2013 ]

A new review of the book “Paths of Light” has been published on “l’Adige” newspaper. Patrizia Niccolini, author of the article, captures very well the different interpretations of the book and the message I want to convey. read the article »

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Article about Dolomites published on LPM

[ Posted on 3/3/2013 ]

A new article “Dolomites: Heaven Above“, with my text and images, has been published on this month’s issue of Landscape Photography Magazine. The nine-page long article offers a photographic dive in this environment, enhancing the outstanding natural value of t ...

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New book launch

[ Posted on 15/2/2013 ]

Friday 1st March 2013 at 6.00 pm, Presentation of the book “Paths of Light” (in Italian) Sala Rosa Palazzo della Regione, Piazza Dante, 16 – Trento (see map) On schedule: Introduction by Paolo Castelli, Town Councilor Education and Sport Lecture about “t ...

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