My Love for Nature is an integral and fundamental part of my business and lifestyle. Photography is “the most effective tool I have found to reach the depths of the human soul, to transmit my message and to share the personal pursuit of light, inside and outside of oneself" (as I write in the prologue of the book "The Voice of the Dolomites".

Loving nature means experiencing and exploring, touching with your hands and feeling, contemplating and connecting with it. To look for this connection means moving and also traveling, as this is the only possible way to get in front of the majestic Beauty of Nature and photograph it, then share it and generate those feelings of empathy, respect and protection that have the silent power to improve our world.

As Nature is often threatened and spoiled, my commitment wants to be stronger and stronger in this direction. At the same time, however, I am aware of the footprint of my own activity on the planet, particularly in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Repopulating forests is one of the most effective ways to protect biodiversity, to maintain climate balance, to prevent new pandemics. To take care of our Earth.

Hence, I decided to activate a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, an organization that takes care of reforestation projects with fast-growing trees around the world and at the same time offers job opportunities to the local communities, often very poor, with whom it collaborates.

Therefore, my commitment is to donate part of the revenues to this project, and everyone can freely contribute either when participating in my photographic activities (e.g. workshops or photo tours), or for the simple desire to contribute to something good for both the planet and the people living there.

I also thought that I have been traveling for many years now to near and remote locations. This partnership is born with my wish to compensate, at least in part, also for what I have traveled (emitted) so far. I activated this project with the initial financing of a plantation of 1,500 trees, corresponding to the annual absorption of CO2 emissions for approximately 300,000 km of air flights for a single passenger.

Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

Total planted trees:


At the same time, I personally believe that planting trees is not enough to save the world and that the human race must switch quickly and progressively to an economy increasingly oriented towards renewable energy resources and detached from fossil fuels, as well as to an increasingly sustainable lifestyle, which arises from a renewed feeling of love and empathy for Nature, and therefore for Man.

When I walk in the mountains along the streams, I often think that every drop of the flowing water then contributes to becoming sea, and that I cannot help but creating my own drop at best, without which both the sea and my consciousness would be much drier.

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