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Alla scoperta delle isole Svalbard, terre selvagge del grande nord dove i ghiacciai si tuffano in un mare punteggiato di iceberg bianchi e azzurri in un ambiente ricco di preziosa biodiversità, che ha imparato a vivere in condizioni estreme.

The blue lagoon
Home in the ice
The green lagoon
Precious Arctic
My wild and beautiful home
The big world of the arctic fox
Arctic mosaic
Waterfall on ice
Floating alive
On an Arctic sky
Flying ball
Snow painting
At the edge of the earth
Arctic autumn
The shining line
The circle of life
Land of the arctic foxes
The king of immensity
White presence
Land of reindeers
High-speed fulmar
Proudly through the mist
Mountains of the glacier
The flight of the king eiders
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