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Munay is a small publishing house created in 2018, with the aim of creating photographic books aimed at transmitting respect, protection and love for Nature.

In Quechua, the official idiom of the Inca Empire and still spoken today in a multitude of dialects by the Andean peoples, munay is a word of action that means love. An unconditional love intertwined with willpower, which draws on the vital energy that animates the universe and reflects the perfect balance that reigns in the natural world.

Loving Nature is the way to protect it. My images, my books, go in this direction.

Books published:

You are Nature
The Voice of the Dolomites

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Edizioni Munay by Alessandro Gruzza

Via San Francesco d'Assisi 6    
38122 Trento - Italy

(see map)

tel:  +39.347.0900228

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