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"The Voice of the Dolomites” is a photo book that conveys the amazing beauty of the Dolomites through the eye of a photographer listening to its precious messages. Five years and 300 days up there on the field listening to this voice, in any season and any weather condition.


​The 88 photographs celebrate the magnificence of these special encounters and stir emotions that strongly convey the values of respect for, and protection of, the natural environment as the personal "home" heritage of each one of us.


The beauty of the Dolomites is also fragility: a gift of enormous richness, free and unconditional, which we have received as a dowry and, at the same time, a great responsibility. A message coming directly from the Voice of the Dolomites: an invitation to love them, because where there is love, there is also respect.


This book is also my story. The texts accompanying the images tell of special moments of light in a dialogue with the Dolomites, and descend in depth with emotional and autobiographical considerations, stimulated by the direct contact between Man and Nature.



  • Book format 30x24 cm (open 60x24 cm)

  • Hard cover with jacket, silkscreened and thickened title

  • 160 pages, 88 photographs printed on FSC certified paper 170 gr

  • Panoramic images with sizes 100x24 cm and 80x24 cm

  • Foreword by Vincenzo Torti, General President Club Alpino Italiano

  • Presentation by Marcella Morandini, Director UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

  • Chapters: Voice, Life, Light

  • Photographs and texts by Alessandro Gruzza

  • Texts in Italian and English

  • Munay publishing house

  • ISBN 978-88-943748-0-3

  • Patronage of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

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Where to buy the book:


  • here online at the "shop" page

  • at my studio in Trento, Via San Francesco d'Assisi 6, so to save the shipping expenses. Please contact me via mobile or email to arrange an appointment, since I'm often in the other "office", that out in the nature to take photographs!

  • participating at one of the scheduled presentations:

    - Trento, Exhibition "The Voice of the Dolomites" - Opening Friday 9th October 2020, at 5.30pm - Grand Hotel Trento
    - Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Monday 24th February 2020, 
    at 9pm - Sala Civica "Corte delle Filande"
    - Calliano (TN), Thursday 30th January 2020,
    at 8.30pm - Sala Conciliare Municipio di Calliano, Via Valentini, 35
    - Arco (TN), Friday 22nd November 2019, at 9pm - SAT House, Via Sant'Anna, 42
    - Cognola (TN),
    Friday 10th May 2019, at 8.30pm - SAT House, VIa B.Kofler, 2
    - Trento, Exhibition "The Voice of the Dolomites" - Opening Tuesday 30th April 2019,
    at 8.30pm - Palazzo delle Albere
    - Bressanone (BZ), Friday 15th March 2019, at 8.30pm - Auditorium "Erika Volgger", Via Prà delle Suore, 1
    - Trento, Friday 8th March 2019, at 6pm - Hotel America, Via Torre Verde, 50
    - Trento, Thursday 24th January 2019, at 5.30pm - Libreria Ancora, Via Santa Croce, 3
    - Trento, Friday 7th December 2018, at 8.30pm - Spazio archeologico Volksbank, Piazza Lodron, 31
    - Bolzano, Friday 30th November 2018, at 6pm - Centro Culturale Trevi, Via dei Cappuccini, 28
    - Bressanone (BZ), Friday 23rd November 2018, at 8.30pm - Teatro Don Bosco, Viale Mozart, 32
    - Faenza (RA), Friday 26th October 2018, at 9pm - Festival della Montagna UOEI


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Personalization of the cover

“The Voice of the Dolomites” can be an appreciated gift for your employees, work partners or customers, with the possibility to customize the cover of the book on request.
Please contact me to discuss the various possibilities.

The personalization of the cover allows you to insert a logo/text with a dedicated graphic project, on the front, on the back or on the flaps of the jacket.



Munay is a small publishing house created in 2018, with the aim of creating photographic books aimed at transmitting respect, protection and love for Nature.

In Quechua, the official idiom of the Inca Empire and still spoken today in a multitude of dialects by the Andean peoples, munay is a word of action that means love. An unconditional love intertwined with willpower, which draws on the vital energy that animates the universe and reflects the perfect balance that reigns in the natural world.

Loving Nature is the way to protect it. My images, my books, go in this direction.



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