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Opening: Friday 9th October 2020 at 5.30 pm.

from 9th October until 9th January 2020.

Grand Hotel Trento, Piazza Dante, 20 - Trento (see map)


“The Voice of the Dolomites" is the dialogue between the extraordinary beauty of the Dolomites and a photographer listening to its precious messages.

In the elegant lounge of the Grand Hotel Trento, the exhibition presents 20 large-format photographs that celebrate the magnificence of special encounters and stir emotions that strongly convey the values of respect for, and protection of, the natural environment as personal “home” and heritage of each one of us.

The photographs, taken from the book ​"The Voice of the Dolomites", are the result of five years and more than 300 days of work carried out on site, chasing the light in intimate connection with the mountains.

The beauty of the Dolomites is also fragility: a gift of enormous richness, free and unconditional, which we have received as a dowry and, at the same time, a great responsibility. A message coming directly from the Voice of the Dolomites: an invitation to love them, because where there is love, there is also respect.

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