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21 FEBRUARY - 1 MARCH 2025

The magic lights of winter and the wonder of the Northern Lights: a special journey to explore unique landscapes, in a land where Nature still reigns supreme.


At the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a photographic paradise where Nature fully displays its wild and primordial spirit. Sunrises and sunsets last more and photographic opportunities with magical lights multiply.

A richness made up of lagoons and waterfalls, mountains and glaciers, volcanoes and geysers, which in winter is even more embellished by the unique spectacle of the Northern Lights (aurora borealis).


The tour includes the exploration at slow pace of some of the most fascinating places of the island, so to experience and photograph their extraordinary natural beauty.

In particular, we are going to visit the unique landscapes of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the wonderful Jökulsárlón moraine lagoon, the majestic Gullfoss, Bruarfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, black beaches, cliffs and sea stacks, geothermal areas and active volcanoes, if conditions permit.

The chosen period of late February coincides with the new moon to best contemplate the Northern Lights. The sun rises around 8:45am and sets around 6:30pm, with potentially wonderful lights most of the day.

The photographic tour is aimed at a small group of only 4/6 people, accompanied by two guides and photographers, which make this trip truly special and exclusive. The program has been specifically designed for photography but it is also suitable for those who love to visit a special place where the elements of water, air, earth and fire manifest themselves in their maximum expression.

The accommodation has been chosen in places as strategic as possible and close to the photo locations, in good quality hotels with both double and single rooms. Transfers are organized in comfortable 9-seater 4WD minivans, for greater comfort and space on board.


Main features

Location: Iceland, Snæfellsnes and the south coast

Date: 21 February - 1 March 2025 (9 days/8 nights)

Group size: minimum 4, maximum 6 participants

Tour leaders and photography guides: Alessandro Gruzza and Mirko Sotgiu

Photo tour plan and participation fee: on request at, or send your message here below (the provided information is treated in full compliance with privacy regulations).


Summit-8  S.r.l.s, Torino, Italy

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