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You are Nature



"You are Nature is much more than a "simple" collection of images. The texts that Alessandro has chosen to accompany the photographs are an invitation to get closer to Nature, to listen to her beauty, to search for that path in the woods that (always) leads to happiness."

Stefano Unterthiner from the Foreword

"Alessandro addresses our hearts as living beings, which are all interconnected so to form that matrix of life that is Nature herself.
His photographs capture a moment of eternity from which that call reaches us. A call that is both present and ancient, and that today is so urgent: You are Nature."

Andrea Bianchi from the Presentation

​Cover price: € 40,00

"You are Nature" is a book of personal growth that tells of a an adventurous, exciting and fundamental journey: the one within yourself, in connection with Nature as a supreme source to draw from.

Man and Nature are deeply interconnected and the well-being of each one of us is deeply linked to that of our planet. Deep down, each one of us wants to feel as good, healthy and happy as possible.

With this awareness, the words of the book are inspired by those basic values that, through experiences in my life, have become the foundations of my journey.

The images are the scenography of the path that I invite you to explore and they are Nature itself, speaking to you in harmony with the words to which they are linked. They are encounters with light that took place all over the world: from the peaks of the mountains to the immensity of the sea, from the cold of the ice to the heat of the desert.


The ambitious aim of the book is to share my growth path and transmit that positive energy of well-being and awareness that it gave to me: the path along which to follow to make your precious life special is within you and Nature is a supreme source to draw from: she reminds you with absolute certainty that you are a special, unique and unrepeatable gift. That you are that same source of energy, that You are Nature.



  • Book format 33x24 cm (open 66x24 cm)

  • Hard cover with jacket, silkscreened and thickened title

  • 208 pages, 58 large format photographs printed on FSC certified paper 170 gr

  • Foreword by Stefano Unterthiner

  • Presentation by Andrea Bianchi

  • Photographs and texts by Alessandro Gruzza

  • Texts in Italian and English

  • Munay publishing house

  • ISBN 978-88-943748-1-0

  • Year of publication: 2021

Preview inside the book


Where to buy the book:


  • here online at the "shop" page

  • at my studio in Trento, Via San Francesco d'Assisi 6, so to save the shipping expenses. Please contact me via mobile or email to arrange an appointment, since I'm often in the other "office", that out in the nature to take photographs!

  • participating at one of the scheduled presentations:

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