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"We spent 11 days with my wife, some friends and Alessandro in Dolomites. 

It has been a wonderful experience. We have been planning this trip before Covid, and we had the opportunity to do it with Alessandro.

Alessandro organized a great schedule in terms of visiting all the main sites in Dolomites, and having the opportunity to see the main attractions in a couple of occasions also to look for different lights. He knows every inch of the Dolomites, therefore we made the most of our time and enjoyed every day of the trip.

Alessandro is a wonderful person. Everyday he was always attentive about how we felt, what was our mood that day in terms of hiking, sightseeing or relax. 

He is very easy going and warm guy and make all of us very comfortable during the whole trip.

I hope we have the opportunity to make more trips with Alessandro.

Strongly recommended!!!"

Gonzalo - Santiago de Chile, Chile


"Visiting and photographing the Dolomites have been always on mine and my dad’s bucket list. And finally we had the privilege of attending a trip with Alessandro.

The trip was absolutely amazing, to say the least. Alessandro showed us how to admire and shoot the fall colors with amazing lakes and impossibly shaped mountains. It was a landscape we had long dreamed of seeing and photographing. He was confident and experienced and knew exactly what he was doing. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He knows the area and where to get the best out of the weather conditions to get wonderful photos.

He is very personable and responsive to every question. Alessandro provided everything we needed logistically as well as photographically. Whether we needed to find the ATM or buy energy drinks, Alessandro had an answer to every issue that arose on the trip.

We highly recommend him as a guide."

Mike - Skrzyszów, Poland


"Visiting The Dolomites in Italy just by yourself or with a small group of friends will give you a ton of pleasure and long-lasting memories. Having such a tour prepared and run by a born-and-bread local photographer will only increase your satisfaction by a factor. I am talking about Alessandro Gruzza, who accompanied me on a 6-day tour last October.

Alessandro loves photography. However, he arguably loves, understands, and feels the surrounding nature even more. Alessandro is now also into landscape astrophotography with the Move-Shoot-Move tracker.

I hope this information will be helpful to photography and Dolomites enthusiasts."

Henrik - Martigny, Switzerland

Henrik_Tre Cime.jpg

"I spent four days with Alessandro at the beginning of August 2021 and enjoyed every minute of it.
Alessandro is personable and easy to be around. He took me to amazing spots all around the Dolomites and made my trip one I won’t forget.

While I didn’t need his photography expertise I realized he is both an expert with the camera and a good pedagogue able to transmit his knowledge of camera settings for each situation to beginners and good amateurs.

I don’t hesitate to recommend him for your next photographic adventure."

Gerard - Montreal, Canada


"My wife and I just returned from 16 days in Italy. I’m convinced we had a great first trip because of the choice to use a private tour company to help us navigate and experience Venice, Florence and Rome. What made this the trip of a lifetime was my decision to book Alessandro for a 5 day private tour of the Dolomites! Our Dolomite adventure was amazing and yes the photography was incredible, but more than that we thoroughly enjoyed our time with a wonderful person.

We had an immediate connection with Alessandro. It was very easy to see he loves sharing his passion for nature, photography and the Dolomites. From the start it was apparent Alessandro’s focus was on assuring we had a wonderful total experience. My wife is not a photographer and Alessandro invested the time to discover her interests and then he naturally included her in every activity even though she didn’t have a camera in her hand.

Our balanced itinerary afforded us the opportunity to explore a variety of the Dolomite regions, learn a little about their history and gain an appreciation for the beauty of these truly unique areas. The specific locations he chose for us to photograph more than exceeded my expectations.

Any photographer with any skill level will learn something to improve their images from Alessandro. He is an expert in seeing the unique and interesting image opportunities and teaching that perspective in your composition. He has the knowledge, talent and experience to demonstrate the value of patience in evaluating and taking full advantage of the light, clouds, foreground and position of the subject in his instruction.  I came home with images that in the past I would only have aspired to take.

We’ve seen enough of the “must do” areas of Italy and do not feel the need to return anytime soon. However, we will definitely return to spend more time with Alessandro and add to our Dolomite adventure."

Mark - Castlerock, Colorado, USA


"I had a wonderful Dolomites solo trip with Alessandro in August. He was genial, knowledgeable, easy going, interesting and very tolerant about my needs on the trip.

We went to great places at excellent times to catch the best light, and I had many excellent photo opportunities.

And Alessandro helped with all my photography questions and worked patiently with me.

On the last day, when we returned to Trento, I got to see his exhibit of Dolomite photography. It was just beautiful. I highly recommend him as a guide."

Phyllis - Oakland, California, USA


"I have done a lot of photography tours and this is definitely one of my favourites. Not only is the Dolomites a great place for landscape photography but Alessandro went the extra mile to make the experience really special.

He first made great suggestions for locations (so you don’t have to worry if you don’t know anything about the area) but also very flexible and open to include locations that you want to add to the itinerary. The accommodations and restaurants he chose are high quality at a decent price so we were very comfortable during the entire trip. Lastly, he is a nice, sincere person to spend the trip with and we enjoyed his company very much.

I highly recommend this private tour to anyone who wants to see the Dolomites."

Rachel - Melbourne, Australia


"Alessandro's photo book "The Voice of the Dolomites" is a beautiful representation of the extraordinary landscape of this region. It is obvious he has a passion and love for photography as well as the Dolomites.

I was fortunate enough to spend two days on a personal photography tour with Alessandro. He is an experienced photographer who is extremely knowledgeable about the mountain range, provided invaluable photographic instruction and was someone I enjoyed spending time with - truly a nice man. Thank you Alessandro for two productive and enjoyable days in the Dolomites.

I definitely will be returning to this beautiful area to spend at least 10 days in the Dolomites, at which time I hope to spend several days photographing with Alessandro. If you are thinking of visiting and photographing this beautiful countryside, I highly recommend you spend time with Alessandro who will assist you in capturing the highlights of the Dolomites."

Ann - Novi, Michigan, USA


"I was searching for a Dolomites photo workshop during autumn with an interesting program when I found Alessandro's internet site.
It was only then when I realized that a private photo tour would give me completely new options as I could create my very own program (as did not have to participate in a group workshop which may contain places that would not be so important for me to visit).

I had clear ideas about those beautiful photo-spots I would like to visit as I know the Dolomites region for years. A five-day trip was perfect to cover all my favorite photo-spots without having to hurry.

Alessandro created an interesting tour with all my favorite spots and also cared about ideal accommodations which would be near those spots. We spent five days together in the Dolomites (that included such famous spots as Seiser Alm, Seceda, Passo Giau, Passo Valles and much more) and it was better than I ever expected. We always took the time to scout locations, setup gear and shoot our sunrise or sunset places without any stress.

Alessandro was all the time available for any kind of help or suggestions about a perfect composition or tips and hints, which I enjoyed a lot. He perfectly knows all the beautiful places (and how to easily reach them) and we had a great week together as he is not only a very experienced photographer as also a wonderful person.
I'm perfectly happy with my choice of doing a private workshop with him and it was a great experience for me. I brought home a huge amount of beautiful photos, which we took during our Dolomites trip."

Andreas - Altbüron, Switzerland


"My wife and I just finished two weeks touring and photographing northern Italy. My best decision during the entire trip was booking Alessandro for a private tour of the Dolomites.

Immediately upon meeting Alessandro it is evident that he loves his work, teaching, and nature. He knows everything about the Dolomites intimately and is agreeable to doing whatever the client desires. He does not work on the clock as do many photography guides. Our weather was at times not very good however Alessandro always had a back up plan and we were occasionally able to photograph on one side of the mountain when it was raining on the other side.

He is a very knowledgeable photographer and is excellent at teaching all skill levels. He is also an excellent driver and knows all the small narrow roads through the mountains. Unless you are extremely comfortable on steep, narrow mountain roads in all sorts of weather and darkness you will be much more comfortable riding with Alessandro.

Do not make the mistake I did in thinking of the Dolomites as a small area as it is a huge area. Ideally you should allow about 3-4 days however whatever time you can spend with Alessandro will be time well spent. Everything from start to finish was a five star experience. I hope to someday return to this beautiful area and spend several days in the eastern Dolomites with Alessandro. If possible, do not miss the opportunity to spend time with this wonderful person and excellent photographer in his backyard!"

Ry - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA


"The autumn trip to the Dolomites was wonderful. From mountains to lakes, waterfall to forests, there are amazing landscapes surrounding you at all times. It is impossible not to see the beauty in this country.

Alessandro is a talented photographer, very knowledgeable of all aspects of photography and full of very useful tips and hints. Also Alessandro is very knowledgeable in Dolomites geography, food, history, geology and extremely helpful.

He is a good, very friendly man. I have tons of beautiful, amazing images from this trip and generally very good feeling. I look forward to traveling with him again."

Haim - Nazareth, Israel


"Photographing the Dolomites was on my bucket list and I am so glad to use Alessandro's services. Overall this was one of the best experiences I have ever had and there are 3 reasons for that:

First it's Mr Alessandro himself. He has a very friendly personality and speaks excellent English. He planned the trip so well that we maximised each and every opportunity be it either photography related or enjoying the local delicacies.

My second reason has to be the learning/teaching experience. What I really liked about Alessandro, was that he was able to quickly figure out my skill level and tuned his course accordingly. This made sure that all his tips and lessons were extremely relevant to me. All the teachings were done in such a simple and straight forward way that it was so easy to remember and follow.

Third is his immense knowledge of the region. He carries immense knowledge about the mountain ranges and brought me to the most scenic spots. He was always open to my questions and willing to share his idea/knowledge.

Thank you so much for the great time.
I would not hesitate to contact him again and go for another photo tour of the Mighty Dolomites!"

Sharjeel - Jakarta, Indonesia


"I have always been passionate about photography. I am an illustrator and this has always helped me from a compositional point of view. I knew the basic photographic technique, but I’ve never been able to push myself beyond with too much ease.

Recently, I finally discovered the enchanted places of the Dolomites in the company of Alessandro. Initially in a group workshop and then in a private photo tour.

A wonderful person, clear and simple who, through his genuine love for nature accompanied by a solid photographic experience and a contagious love for life, allowed me to fill this gap with great ease.

Within a short time, I was able to admire and photograph places of pure magic in a conscious way, reaching full technical knowledge of the photographic medium..

Thanks to his deep knowledge of the locations, Alessandro allowed me to discover them in the moment of their maximum enchantment. The light, the colors and, as he often quotes: "being able to discover the landscape within the landscape".

Photographing the Dolomites in the company of Alessandro is not only learning how to better represent and interpret them through the viewfinder of our camera, but also traveling with untouched eyes and soul.
Thank you Alessandro!"

Mary - Milano, Italia


Join me to photograph the beautiful Dolomites!
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