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The Force of Nature continues to act even in this suspended time, maybe its Voice reaches the heart more now that we are necessarily detached and in silence, than before when we could connect with it freely in our noisy day by day.

This Voice has generated an idea, which I want to share and introduce here to you.


It is in the darkest moments that we begin to see the Light, the one that is reborn every day, and that gives us the certainty that Life never sleeps.
It is in these moments that, if we stop and linger in our Heart, we can draw on the vital energy that comes from Beauty. The Universe follows the Laws of Love and Harmony, and the human beings, in order to evolve, must learn to recognize the Beauty as its expression.

On this basis, while the world is wrapped in the mists of a pandemic, we have decided to create the Beauty Movement with my friend and writer Andrea Bianchi, to launch an appeal and a message of hope.

We invite you to join the Beauty, to return to Nature, finding our deep connection with the Earth and taking care of it, as our Home.

We entrust this invitation to a video with my images, enriched here by Andrea's words, asking you to help us spread it as much as possible. Above all, we invite you to join the Beauty Movement, leaving your comment on the website that we have specifically created and subscribing to the newsletter: it is the first step in the development of a platform and a network, so to find together and make it possible a new way of living and seeing the world.

The Beauty Movement

Press review

Articolo Corriere del Trentino

Article on Corriere del Trentino, Corriere dell'Alto Adige and Corriere del Veneto (18th April 2020, in Italian)


Article on Alto Adige and Trentino (24th May 2020, in Italian)

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