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The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is definitely the world's most prestigious nature photography contest. It is a great honor that "The blue pool" has been chosen among the very best 100 photographs from over 49,000 entries in the 2020 competition.

The image is part of the exhibition presented in the galleries of the Natural History Museum in London, and it will also tour to over 60 venues across 6 continents.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020
Highly Commended category "Earth's Environments"

The blue pool

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The satisfaction is even greater considering that this image was taken close to home, in the mountains where I live. On a November afternoon, I found this wonder of shapes in the frozen pond, enriched by the delicacy of the thin snow cover in front of the Pale di San Martino mountain range.

In low-pressure conditions, south-west winds push the clouds against the vertical peaks of the mountains. At dusk, a long shutter speed enhances the movement of the clouds around Mt. Cimon de la Pala, with the cold tones of the "blue hour" that mix perfectly with the cold of the ice.

With utmost gratitude, I invite you to plunge into the mind-blogging gallery with all the winning images.


​Interview for the Natural History Museum


In the galleries of the Museum

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